KISS (Keep it Simple Sweetie) Braai recipes

KISS (Keep it Simple Sweetie) Braai recipes

Smells …

Synonym – scents, aromas, fragrances, wafts, pongs, bouquets, whiffs

I love and appreciate many things in life and smells are just one of them. 

I particularly love the way a smell can take me back to a nostalgic moment. Like when I smell a specific soap and I think of our bathroom back when I was a little girl. Most times in life we let the special moments pass us by. That moment when you too busy checking your emails or trying to hustle in the kitchen to get dinner ready that you miss the smile on your sons face, the glow in your partners eyes or the beautiful raindrops gently hitting on your kitchen window but somehow scents never escape me, be it, the waft of petrol whilst filling up, the sweet fragrance of roasted sweet potatoes, (one of my all time favourite smells…. Seriously, smell it!!!!), the pong that is lingering behind my curtain that our 19 year old cat surprised me with, perfume, the fragrances of flowers or the whiff of braai….

Oh Braai!!!! That smoky, meaty, woody smell that lingers on, the smell that takes be back to my childhood.

Dad and I would start by collecting all the dried up pieces of wood that lay around the yard (the garden). Then dad would get the fire going whilst we girls (my mum and 2 older sisters and myself) would be in the kitchen barefoot and making our traditional sides for the braai…. Baked Beans Salad, Creamy Mash potatoes with onions, chillies and chopped dhania (coriander leaves).

Now add to that 1kg marinated lamb chops, 1kg chilli mutton sauasages, about a dozen rolls, a greek salad, some marinated chicken on the bone, butter, about 5 different variations of sauces although at least 3 must be extra hot, a 2litre coke, a half a bottle of vodka for my dad because the other half was being drunk while we were looking for dried wood and as a fire starter when he blew into the fire, some pickles from the fridge door and then you good to go. This was for our family of 5. Oh… have I mentioned that I am Indian!

Back home now, we having perfect sunny summer days in Johannesburg and almost every evening we are showered with the best joburg thunderstorms… oh the whiff of wet grass and the raindrops on your skin after a blistering hot day is what summer is made of and off course Braai’s.

We Safa’s (South Africans), love our braai’s (synonym barbecue)

The options are endless when it comes to braai’ing. It’s a relaxed stress-free option, great for the weather and fab way to spend with loved ones.

Woolworths have some delicious products on offer were all the work required from your side is driving to the shop and back and leaving the rest in your partners capable hands while you sip on a glass of wine and wait for the afternoon rain. If you fall in the above category, here are the links to some of the products from Woolies that my family and I love to indulge in on my “lazy” days.

I however fall into category two. I love driving to the shop to get the ingredients and driving back home and getting my troop to help me from getting the groceries out the car to chopping cucumber. We have our favourite music playing whilst I marinate the meat, my boys (5 and 8) help with the salad and hubby pours me a well deserved glass of wine, only the Boucheron White Merlot for me, before he sets off to collect dried wood, just joking we now have a gas braai (eyes rolling). I am an old-fashioned girl and love wood fire food!

Here are my festive season KISS (Keep it Simple Sweetie) braai recipes

Lamb Chops

1kg lamb chops I use rib chops and ask my butcher to thinly slice them 

4 cloves of garlic                                                                     

200 ml Jimmy’s Killer Prawns Steakhouse Sauce                                                               

1 teaspoon masala

1 teaspoon smoked maldon salt

1 teaspoon black pepper

Combine the above ingredients and allow to marinate for 1 hour. Braai/ barbecue for 10-12 minutes, turning frequently ensuring the fat is perfectly rendered.

Delicious Braai’d Lamb Chops

Baked Beans Salad

1 x Koo baked beans

1x small tomato chopped

1 x small red onion chopped

finely chopped cucumber

salt and pepper

handful freshly chopped dhania (coriander)

Combine the above and enjoy!

Other Items that you might need!

1 x husband

at least 1 x Kid

1 x Mum with wine in hand

Dried wood *optional

Remember Keep It Simple Sweeties!!!!


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