Happy Heritage Day

Heritage Day, a day created by South Africans for South Africans to celebrate our cultural diversity. 

South Africa is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and in my house it is no different. I am a fourth generation South African Indian. One of my other projects that I am busy with at the moment is my ancestral history and have recently discovered that my paternal great, great, great grandfather arrived on the shores of South Africa in 1874 from Bihar, India. My maternal ancestors reign from Mauritius and then there is my husband who is born and brought up in Switzerland yet has an Austrian passport. So our boys are a mix bag of Indian, Austrian, South African and Mauritian.



Heritage Day Table
Heritage Day table setting


The table setting for today was obviously going to be a colourful, robust one so I walked around and gathered all my colourful crockery and items that might be able to add the hype to the table.

Look I am Indian, so the love of colour is in my DNA. 


Heritage Day


I created a centre piece with typical South African rusks and koek sisters.  There were small bowls of biltong to snack on. Also included were delicious chicken livers with a seeded health bread, fried eggs and borerwors (South African sausage). I really wanted to make a melktart but unfortunately that did not work out, so I sent my hubby to Krispy Kreme so that I could create a doughnut stack for my boys. 


Krispy Kreme Stack


Setting a table can sometimes be intimidating but it really is such a fun way to brighten up your table and if you anything like me I don’t follow rules, I make my own (ask my hubby). Set a fun table and dont restrict it to your dining room, go al fresco if you can, set up in your garden on the lawn. Basically get creative and use what you have around your house to add to the deco. 


Heritage Day





 Wishing my fellow South African a colourful Heritage day spent with the ones you love. Now I cant wait for our braai tonight.

Love and light, Pri 

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